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This white paper is currently a work in progress, with many missing sections or sections that need to be revised, and in no way represent the design mechanics on how the game will launch.

Start your Engines! is a free-to-play multiplayer offroad truck racing game built on the blockchain.
We are an official Enjin adopter, and advised by EnjinStarter.
The game has been in development for several years, and gone through many feedback iterations under a different project name, but we believe the future is play to earn and the opportunities that blockchain digital gaming will bring.
Take a look at the latest teaser trailer to get an idea of the game's features and gameplay...

Core Gaming Vision

Our core vision for is to provide players with the following...
  • A competitive and cheat free multiplayer racing platform
  • Playable on both desktop and mobile devices
  • A helpful community to share racing tips, tricks and the latest time limited events
  • A platform that facilitates play to earn racing and marketplace trading
  • A zero-cost entry point, to allow anyone to play the game.
  • No pay-to-win mechanics. A maximum of 5 upgrade card booster packs can be consumed daily. Whether these are purchased in-game, on a marketplace or earned daily, this hard limit will prevent players upgrading their trucks faster than other players.
  • A healthy selection of of paints, decals, tyre sets, nitro boosts and titles that players can use to customise their truck, with every cosmetic in the game being a non-fungible token which can be traded on any open marketplace.
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